• Before you start – Define the task – is the task suitable to be delegated?
  • Select the individual or team
    • What are your reasons for delegating to this person or team?
    • What are they going to get out of it?
    • What are you going to get out of it?
  • Assess ability and training needs – Is the person capable of doing the task?
  • Consider what resources are required
  • Explain the reasons for delegating –
    • Task importance – how it fits into the overall team goals
  • State required results – include measurements of success
  • What are your evaluation mechanisms – how will you measure success?
  • Agree & Share the Evaluation Mechanism
  • Agree deadlines & priorities
  • Seek their understanding of the task & address any concerns
  • Support and communicate
  • Feedback on results – Ask how things work, not if they worked

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