The Tender Commandments

Tendering Tips for Public Procurement

  1. The 11th hour is not the approach to take – this is a sales prospect
  2. You must pass the qualification criteria – don’t pass Go if you don’t
  3. Bid for work with that you have the capacity and resources to fulfil on
  4. Read all the background documents – they tell you almost everything you need to know
  5. For each section – read what is expected and answer accordingly
  6. Look at the scoring system – concentrate your efforts accordingly
  7. Think about your competitors and their approach – create something better if you can
  8. Make yourself known to the buyer – write for them, not yourself
  9. Make mistakes at your peril – Not Professional – Avoid Jargon – think about who is reading it – provide a glossary if necessary
  10. Make your tender easy to follow, to evaluate – logical with a user friendly flow to it works best – think about the best operating or training manual you have read, ask yourself why it worked so well

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